Circuit conditioning

The problem:
The acidification of closed circuits leads to dissolved calcium and odour problems. Poor retention and low strength are the direct consequences for the production, and the performance of the anaerobic waste water treatment plant also deteriorates.

Our results:

  • Strength stabilization.
  • Reduction of dissolved calcium by reducing acidification.
  • No odour problems in the finished paper.
  • Increased COD degradation and methane production in the sewage treatment plant.
  • Customized applications tailored to your needs.
  • Highest safety thanks to state-of-the-art application technology.
  • Excellent price-performance.
  • Compliance with the relevant standards (BfR, FDA, BPR, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, etc.).


  • APINOX and APIGARD product series
  • Stabilized chlorine (bromine and sulfate-free - generated in situ)
  • Redox enhancer to avoid anaerobic conditions.

Our application experts will be glad to advise you in the selection of suitable technologies.


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